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Village of Cornwallis Homeowners Association - Clubhouse

Please view the CLUBHOUSE CALENDAR to find an available time slot for booking clubhouse reservations.

To book the clubhouse, please fill out a RESERVATION REQUEST.

Trent will get back with you in 24-48 hours to discuss the details of your request.


Clubhouse Information

Clubhouse Address

3400 Yorktown Ave
Durham, NC 27713


Sample Clubhouse Rental Contract

The following is a sample of the contract to be signed by ANY resident wishing to utilize the Villages of Cornwallis clubhouse for any event or function.

The Villages of Cornwallis clubhouse is strictly for the social use and benefit of the residents of Villages of Cornwallis. It is not for use, at any time, by a for profit business, of any type.

1. In order to use the clubhouse, you MUST be a resident of Villages of Cornwallis, and you MUST certify that you will be present for the entire event. All deposit/rental fee checks must originate from a Villages of Cornwallis address. All underage gatherings must be supervised by an adult resident (21 or over).

2. In order to use the clubhouse, a refundable $150.00 check is required. This check will be fully refunded only if the following conditions are met:

A. Attached cleaning checklist is completed in full and signed off on by person(s) who sign this contract. The clubhouse will be checked after each event to ensure compliance.

B. The clubhouse is returned, IN FULL, to its original condition, including, but not limited to: - All furniture returned to its original position. - All lights turned off. - All windows closed and locked. - ALL decorations from event removed in their entirety. Nothing should be taped, stapled, or nailed to walls, doors, or ceilings. - All garbage removed to trash cans and plastic trash can liners replaced in all interior trash cans. - No damage to clubhouse, i.e. broken windows, furniture, refrigerator left open, etc.

C. There is no fireplace use.

D. There is NO SMOKING inside the clubhouse.

E. There are no overnight stays allowed in the clubhouse.

F. Do not leave any food in the clubhouse overnight.

G. All decorations MUST be removed when function is over.

H. A clubhouse reservation is NOT a reservation for the pool. If you intend to use the pool, please contact us to schedule pool monitors. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions may result in the immediate loss of the $150.00 deposit check. Any damages in excess of $150.00 are the financial responsibility of the renting party (parties).

Clubhouse fees

In order to use the clubhouse, a non refundable fee must be paid. The fee is as follows:

- $110.00

- Rental time periods include your set up and clean up time.

Reserving the clubhouse does not entitle private use of the pool.

To book the clubhouse, please email Sheryl Morgan at . Sheryl will get back with you in 24-48 hours to discuss the details of your request.

Thank you for your assistance in maintaining the clubhouse for the use of all residents!




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